HOLE, THE VIDEOS [2-DVD SET] [download]


Doll Parts [1994], Violet [1994], Miss World [1994], Gold Dust Woman [1996], Celebrity Skin [1998], Malibu [1998], Awful [1999], Be A Man [1999], Mono [2004].

Interview on Andy Warhol's 15 Minutes [1987]
Interview with Courtney [1991]
MTV Awards Interview [1993]
A Family Portrait [home video footage [1994]
Hole Live In Washington [3 songs] [1995]
Violet live on the MTV Awards [1995]
Courtney & Madonna backstage uncut [1995]
Doll Parts live on Nulle Part Ailleurs [1995]
Interview with Barbara Walters [1996]
Celebrity Skin live on Jools Holland [1998]
Northern Star live on NPA [1998]
Celebrity Skin live in Australia [1999]
Courtney at the Pam Anderson Comedy Central Roast [2005]
In the studio with Hole [2009]
Skinny Little Bitch & Bad Romance live at Don Hills [2010]
Cavali fashion show backstage [2010]
The Dark Side Of The Soul [a Michael Mouris film, 2010]
VH1's Behind The Music [full documentary, 2010]
Channel 4's The Return Of Courtney Love [full documentary, 2006]
Courtney On Letterman [interviews & performances / 1999 [2 shows], 2004, 2010]
AOL acoustic session with Hole [2010]
Nobody's Daughter live promo videos [2010]

Video : 2xDVD-5 | .vob | 720x480 | original AR 1.33:1 and 1.85:1 4:3 & 16:9 | 29.90fps |
Audio : English Stereo 2.0 | AC3 | 448 kb/s |
Bonus : Various videos, chapters, animated menus.
Runtime : 6 hours
Size : 9,3gb

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